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Uncovering The Truth About Rich Dollaz On Love & Hip Hop.

Rich Dollaz apparently boasts about the greens in his pocket, but the truth is he may be more of a dead beat than the successful straight forward man he puts himself out to be. When the dirt rises…

  • Net worth: $2 million
  • 38 years old
  • Real name: Richard Ashton Trowers
  • Salary $70,000 per season on Love and Hip Hop
  • He has been working as an entertainment manager for years in the industry. He accumulated his net worth while getting 10% of the artist he represents including Olivia. She currently has a deal with Jerry Wonder at Wonda Music, who worked with Wyclef Jean. With her deal she received a $1 million deal for 3 albums. Dollaz received a 10% of her deal at $100,000 up front. Rich has close ties with Diddy. He managed several of his artist including Cassie for a short stint, Danity Kane, Ryan Leslie and Young Joc. He left Bad Boy in 2009 and since then has been the sole manager of Olivia.
  • Rich is engaged to Love and Hip Hop cast member Erica Mena who is a video model.
  • He was recently Arrest in Memphis Tennessee. A woman he’s been with in the past sent him to court for a paternity test order. He missed the court date avoiding the possibility of being a father for another child and ended up having a warrant out for his arrest in Memphis. The cops arrested him while he was attending a talent show in Memphis under a false name.
  • He has been avoiding to pay child support for his 12 year old daughter.
  • A millionaire who doesn’t take care of his own? What kind of man is that? Sad! Well that’s the truth Love & hip hop doesn’t put in the light…but even in the light the truth comes out…Check out the upcoming Uncovering the truth!


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