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Woman Gets Pregnant After Having Intercourse With Dead Man In A Mortuary.

Woman Gets Pregnant After Having Intercourse With Dead Man In A Mortuary.

I’m extremely baffled at this. I need my science/biology majors to help me out here because I’m totally and utterly confused about this. Did I miss something in my Health Sciences class when the teacher was explaining the reproduction process because trying to even understand this is starting to give me a headache.

Well, police in Lexington Missouri have charged Felicity Marmaduke, a 38 year old mortuary worker with desecration of the dead and necrophilia after becoming pregnant by one of her clients. She is now being held on a $250,000 bond. According to a statement made to police by Marmaduke, the alleged victim experienced a post mortem erection while being bathed. (This is where you science majors come in and please explain how this is possible by commenting below.)

While she was alone with the dead man, Marmaduke straddled him and proceeded to have sex with him. Much to her surprise, the alleged victim came to orgasm after several minutes.

While receiving a routine medical exam a few weeks later, Marmaduke had a positive pregnancy test. Police were immediately notified after she confessed as to how her pregnancy came about.

She was arrested without incident in her trailer home a few blocks from the mortuary.

What makes this whole situation worse is that Marmaduke plans to sue the dead man’s estate for child support.

Lord have mercy on this poor woman’s soul and her unborn child. How are you going to even explain to your child how he/she was created? I just can’t get over the fact that a dead man could still have erections. Even to your graves huh fellas?

What do you guys think can this really happen.


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  • Lily Stargazer

    Crazy fucked up !shit & lady ** sueing estate of a violated dead man ** WOW!! She is not in a good place karma wise ** very bad **

  • Y.D

    suing the estate should be the least of her worries….she should be more concerned as to how she got pregnant in the 1st is that even possibel?

  • Justice174

    Well Im no science/biology major but I do know that the body does have some spontaneous movement post mortem, however, I didnt know that a dead mans penis could ejaculate! I dont think she should get a dime, thats rape!

  • Guest

    She raped a dead man….

  • Moneysbaby


  • Valleygirl

    Off she would have waited a year or two, she would be rich. Wtf

  • Graemealross

     Fake story from last year . Doctor would not be allowed to reort incident

  • Unbelievably Meech

    so I’m like super confused. I did know that you can get an erection if you are dead. But I am totally confused on how you can climax if you are dead. Maybe there is something that I am missing or just maybe never understood. I will be looking up my 7th grade sexual health/ gym teacher to go back over some things

  • Sheryl23

    If it is possible that she is pregnant by a dead man the state should take that child from her and she should not receive any money from his estates she was in the wrong and that child does not even deserve to go through a psycological breakdown, trying to figure out how he or she was conceived through a dead man. lady  if this is true you are sick not mental.

  • cabMANiac

    The World According to Garp????

  • ChicagoCabbie

    Sperm cells have a 40-72 hour life span, male erection and ejaculation are frequently unconscious autonomic reaction requiring little to no thought so………..theoretically its possible…unlikely but possible. P-)  

  • CVC

    Dead bodies can have erections if they died face down or in a vertical position, as that’s where all the blood will pool. It’s also possible from violent deaths such as hanging or strangling or a brain injury because the body’s neuro-muscular actions are spasming. they can even orgasm. However, this situation can’t be true. He wouldn’t suddenly have an erection while being bathed. It would take blood flow to the penis, and since his heart isn’t pumping and his blood is already thick and clotted, it couldn’t have happened. Makes for an interesting viral story though.

    • shatteredmen

      If I remember right, DNA did show the dead man was the father.

  • xstaticadventure

    It’s not true.  Check out Snopes.

  • Guest6

    this is stale news, if it happen in 2010, y making news in 2012. i believe its a false story. she would have given birth already. what happen to her now and where is the kid.
    fake, fake,fake. and if i was incharge of the man’s estate ,she would not get shit! i would sue her sorry ass for RAPE!

  • Mickolasparker

    lyke how did she do dat it makes me want 2 throw up n it nasty

  • TWJ7980


  • Jennavelindax0

    She Wont Get The Money Because It Was Rape But Poor Child :(

    • shatteredmen

      I know of at least two adult women who became pregnant by 12 year old boys. They got child support even though it was a result of rape of a mnor and I do not think either of them had to go on a sex offenders list.

  • Mp2573

    well i guess she didnt want the erection to go to waste!!!!if its there they will ride it i guess,best part is that they point out she was arrested at her TRAILER HOME….T hats just classic

  • Mhuber852

    The start to the zombie outbreak, LOL

  • Isom24

    THATS SSOOOOOOOOOOO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could she? No respect for the dead the family should sue her and she should never get out. We can not trust the people taken care of our love ones in their after life that is so sad.

  • Isommary24

    THATS SSOOOOOOOOOOO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could she? No respect for the dead the family should sue her and she should never get out. We can not trust the people taken care of our love ones in their after life that is so sad.

  • Ali

    This woman is so disgusting… You need money that bad to have sex with a dead man!!!!

    • E.P

      i think you missed the point… she didnt know it would happen, so clearly didnt do it for money. learn to read.

  • Lauren Ashley Rosen

    Also called a death erection or angel lust and it can happen post mortem, but more so in victims of hanging (male and female).

  • Nacariajones

    Nasty bitch she should get the electric chair

  • 123abc

    Well to find out if this is actually true, she’ll have to get a DNA rest when the child is born.

  • Anonymous


  • Kwirrell

    Is she that desperate!!!!that crazy bitch.let the dead rest in piece.

  • SamWho

    Shit! What a fucking crazy bitch! She should go to jail for this, and not be able to get a fucking penny. 

  • Lee

    This woman need to come clean as to how she really got pregnant and stop blaming it on a dead man. Either way, what an outright shame!!

  • Samkamuli

    I have a Biology Major – with substantial reseach experience but on this one, It’s beyond science!!!

  • Tinzestamcgee

    she should’nt get no money but get charged with rape of a corspe….

  • MissWhateva12

    Kayzzz I am goin out of my mind. How did dat man have a erection.  
    and how can he have an erection and she got turned on and pounced on the man and have sex with him. Erm… No. Even if he was the sexiest man in the world He is dead. Maybe it was for fun but like. 
    HAVE SOME DIGNITY.Whore.   Lesson to all. Dnt have sex with a man u dnt knoe dat is dead. 

  • guest

    woow that is grose how do you have sex with a dead man that is just

  • Scott76allen

    When this story broke, it was heard on a radio station in Portland Oregon. Anyone know which station it was?

  • LaurenLovesU

    This is fucking sick! 

  • Protecher

    Wow!! It’s funny how a man can still reproduce after he is dead.

  • Disturbedqueen

    This is a hoax and completely untrue. Check Snopes. *eyeroll*

  • Ruth Majozi

    this is not possible someone is not telling the truth!

  • kamamjozi

    if this is true, it means a woman raped the poor dead man! it was not conceptual at all as 1 part I assume was dead and there for did not agree to anything

  • ♥Jayvaie J.-Jackson♥


  • Scott Fillon

    Maybe she was interested in him while he was alive.  But he wasn’t and told her that it wouls only happen over his dead body.

  • Ashleymetz59

    Zombie kid

  • Goldy2666

    It seem untrue, a person need heart and brain in working condition to have sex.
    1. Brain to excite and trigger hormones.
    2. Heart to pump blood into penis To perform sexual activity.

    So it seem untrue, unless the lady got his sperms straight from testes with needle or something and inserted in herself.

  • Rzwakova

    sperm is still alive and in his system thats why they dran the body of blood and bodily fluids she got to him before they could with her horny ass

  • Bernice Mcclain

    I think Marmaduke is really crazy. how can you even think of doing the nasty with a dead corps. Man baby bye, this world gets crazier by the minute. No she should not get one red pennny from his estate cause she was proably already pregnant, and discovered a way she could possibly get away with this by confessing, that was to easy and when i read this i said to myself “how could she confess to such sorbid deed so easy”? think about it. and you have to be crazy to admitt you had sex with a dead corps. oh yea, she forgot “dna” don’t lie. 

  • Fantasyfreak

    When a man dies, he is alwase stiff.

  • Derrekheath

    Did some digging and it’s a fake story. It started in 2010.

  • Johnny ringo

    This story is in fact false. I did some digging and it’s a farce.

  • Diannacompton

    What a pile if rubbish! Sexual health specialist

  • Zjatip

    Well its not impossible but these people are right,it is a false story. The reason the body may have had an erection was most likely because of rigor mortis. Latin for stiffness of death. Basically EVERY moving muscle and tissue of the body becomes stiff moments before death,and ends a while after death.

  • Gahshhz

    Actully it’s quite possible for an erection in death not like weeks and months later(u begin to decompose by then) but a few days after basically it’s riamortice (I know I spelled it wrong) mabey it was right after the guy died & his sperm didn’t die off to yet but y is she sueing she shouldn’t it’s her fault so kids never have sex with a dead man and y r u reading this anyways

    • winstonsmith

      rigor mortis is what happens to muscles after death. erections occur because of hypertension in the blood vessels in the penis, not because of any muscular action. I don’t know what may have caused the erection, but there aren’t any muscles in the penis to rigor.

  • Racerguy2204

    Yall need to learn to spell, its “always” not “alwase” and to “Gahshhz” its “maybe” not “mabey” and you ask why we are reading this but yet you obviously read it also….

  • Guest

    fucking disgusting

  • powerup

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. You really need to be brain dead to believe any of this for a second.

  • Krenz Renald Tana ♛


  • Historian and Writer

    Yes, this can happen. The man’s sperm cells had not broken down yet. There is an ancient Egyptian Incident related to this. Egyptian God Osiris went to battle with his brother Seth for Kingship of the Kingdom. When Osiris was killed by Seth, while being mummified, Isis, Osiris’s wife had sex with him while he was dead. She did this because they did not have a child yet. She was impregnate with their son Horus.

  • Dr. Landry

    It is physiologically impossible for a deceased person to become erect. Blood has to be pumped to a man’s penis in order for it to become erect. Hence why it “throbs” when he’s erect. If the heart is not beating, he cannot become erect…period. This story is fake.

  • Vander

    Sounds like a job for Slacker and Steve “yay” KLC-Alice 1059 directly from Denver Colorado.

  • Don knots

    Ladies and gentlemen I now present to you the most desperate woman in the world. Seriously, what…the actual…Fuck?

  • Mostafa Ghayad

    don’t believe this crap the woman must have never been sexually satisfied which made her kind of mad or something

  • Mary Mahi Mahi

    Yeah everyone makes a good point especially concerning the DNA test otherwise he might NOT have to pay child support!

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