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Love & Hip Hop NY Drama: Erica Mena Pregnancy Rumors, Relationship With Rich Dollaz & Her Woman Lover!

A few weeks ago this photo hit of Erica Mena and her apparent baby bump:

Erica recently sat down with the people at and spilled all! She said she is not pregnant and blames the weight gain on her happiness and her Puerto Rican roots. However, an inside source says Rich found out about the pregnancy when she posted the “baby bump” pic online and talked her into getting an abortion.

Based on the photo someone is definitely lying. If you gained weight your friends would not be taking pictures of them holding your fat! Erica is supposed to keep it real 24/7, well keep it real sis.

Now Erica Mena is claiming she is head-over-heels for a new woman. Sources are saying it’s actually an ex-girlfriend of Rich Dollaz. Check out the photo courtest of and her tweets below.


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