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Uncovering The Truth: Love & Hip-Hop’s Tahiry Jose! DETAILS EXTREMELY SHOCKING!!!


Here we have Tahiry Jose known for her curvaceous body and her emotional battle with known Jersey city rapper Joe Budden. She made a name for herself and is now known for her professional profile on some of the most notorious magazine covers, she seems very humble, but in this case even the humbly sweet has dirt of their own.

  • Net worth: $300,000
  • 35 years old
  • Born in Harlem
  • Dominican
  • Her come up came from her cover on King being a complete success after she was scouted by a photographer
  • Ex- Boyfriends: Joe Budden, Fabolous.
  • Tahiry has history with Fab before he was fab and dated him before Joe Budden or correction had sexual relations with Fab. Tahiry recently started seeing him again and this is while he was with Emily, his all time girlfriend and mother to his son also seen on Love and Hip Hop season 2.
  • It has recently been revealed that Tahiry is allegedly married and has been hiding it fact for a while. She’s been married to this wealthy man named Nicholas J Brown since 2004. While married to this man she receives an allowance every month so she never got a divorce.

    Here’s the marriage license below


  • Below is the full letter that’s been forwarded to Gossipdaily that was sent to Monami by an unknown source and alleged proof of Tahiry’s marriage license. Let’s see what Mona Scott does with this, READ CAREFULLY!
  • To Mona Young Scott,Monami Ent. & VH1
    You previously received an email about 4 months ago letting you know that a documentary was being produced about Tahiry Jose who is a cast member on your show (see below). You were advised to do your due diligence on her, to avoid any problems that may arise, you ignored that advise. I can now confirm what in detail will be in the documentary that will be in four parts. As we made you aware Mrs. Jose has an incurable STD (Herpes) and has been sleeping with men knowingly willfully and intentionally without disclosing the disease she carries, exposing these gentlemen, to her disease. It has been confirmed that she has indeed passed this disease on to men who did not know her STD status. The documentary is comprised of 70 hrs. of video footage of Mrs. Jose talking candidly of her disease, the man she got it from (who is in the industry), the men she has been sleeping with, emails, texts, pictures, a copy of her prescription her medical records have also been obtained. Although her own commentary is quite good enough. She also discusses Emily B who apparently knows of her disease as she states in her commentary, Kim K, and Amber Rose all in a bad light. There is also a copy of her marriage license! Yes Tahiry is married. She married for money and was paid monthly. A copy of her marriage license has been obtained. There are also 3 sex tapes of well-known entertainers who are engaged in sex with her unprotected. To name a few of the many she will mention Trey Songz, French Montana,Vado, Von Smith, Play from Play N Skillz and Drake who she actually has a heated argument with a female about how she is trying to get pregnant to have a come up… Shocking yes! Tahiry knowingly and willful exposure of this disease falls under the “Willful exposure” laws which typically apply only to persons who have intentionally affected others through unprotected vaginal or anal sexual activity. The accused person must know they have Herpes, (which she does) must have failed to tell their partner of their disease status. This is punishable by law and carries a prison term; Civil Action is also a remedy. This brings you Mona Scott and VH1 into play. An Editorial will be written and published in numerous major publications and NY newspapers of how you and VH1 were informed (a copy of the email that was sent to you will be published too), and you still chose to ignore the possibility of what is still being perpetuated by her by simply doing your due diligence. You have given Tahiry Jose a platform which has enabled her to meet men she would of otherwise not have and exposed them to this disease which she has, all in furtherance since becoming a part of your cast. So you do hold some liability. Your responsibility was to protect the public. Yet you chose to have this type of woman idolized for your own financial benefit. Please take note there is one gentleman contemplating bringing a civil suit against Tahiry. That brings us to Joe Budden who through our investigative research also has the disease and has passed it on to young woman who have come forward. Tahiry speaks on Joe in the footage and confirms he does indeed have it also. So now you have a double edged sword. The piece on Mona Scott and VH1 will also explain how the show is not actually a reality show and is indeed scripted for the scenes are actually set up and planned, with use of extras. Retakes are actually done of scenes that are planned out. Cast members like Mrs. Jose and others are on record for saying this. There is no reality in staged scenes! This is almost all of the scenes that you have shown and recorded. Even recently on the filming in DR. The show is actually perpetuating a fraud on the general public by claiming to be reality and civil action can be filed against Mona Scott and VH1 this will also be published. You are once again put on notice. Any questions please feel free to respond via email. All parties cc’d will receive a copy of the documentary also.

    As the above mentioned video will be released, more victims will surface and lawsuits are sure to come.

  • Tahiry Jose responded on Twitter, here’s what she had to say about it:
  • “Taking this timeout to thank all my supporters who don’t believe everything that they read. I knew coming into this what to expect, and I’m focused on leaving a positive impact on young ladies who can relate to my story. Again, thank you for all your support, it means everything to me! Love, Tahiry.”


    Yikes! Personally, I’m not one to quickly believe everything. For one, I don’t believe in the alleged marriage license because she has worked as a waitress for a long time, so why would she waitress if she was married to a wealthy man? Maybe the allowance wasn’t all that, who knows?! However Tahiry’s twitter response is a bit suggestive.


    When the dirt rises…Stay tuned for our next Uncovering The Truth with the Love and Hip Hop 3 cast!


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