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Love & Hip Hop News: Mama Jones Releases Perfume ‘Pum Kash’

Sigh…where do I even begin?

Okay… I can deal with these ratchet reality VH1 shows, and I’m even a HUGE fan, but I draw the line at ratchet perfume!

I love me some Mama Jones, but ‘Pum Kash’?! For those who don’t know Pum Kash stands for ‘Pussy Cash’.

There is no doubt in my mind this might do relatively well for those ratchet females who want to smell like pussy and cash. I may even get a sample to see what on earth Mama Jones thinks pussy and cash smells like. If Mama Jones was trying to find a market to do reasonably well in she is a smart business woman to stick to this ratchetness.

We would honestly take her seriously if she came out with something like ‘Heavenly’ or ‘Seductive’?

Check out the equally ratchet commercial below.

I can’t be mad at this woman’s hustle. Get that money Mama Jones.


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  • Diana

    I bet the Entire season again will be about how Chrissy wants that gold, platinum, whatever it is wedding band from her long time boo Mr. Jones. But he isn’t stupid, he wouldn’t even give her 15% of the money maid off some clothes she designed. What makes her think that he’ll give her his last name?

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