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Man Gets Caught Having Sex With Horse…AGAIN!

I guess Patrick Louis Linn was missing his old flame, Sunny (yes a horse), when he snuck into the same barn in Tallahassee that got him arrested in 2010.

Accused of sneaking in and sexually abusing a horse the owner could only shake his head when he realized it was the same perpetrator.

“I had a feeling he’d be back because I believe it’s a compulsion type thing with him,”

said Sunny’s owner, Allen McDearmid. “I don’t … I just … it’s bad.” McDermaid knew something was wrong when he found lubricant on the barn floor near Sunny’s tail.

A surveillance camera caught Linn sneaking into the stable and he was apprehended the same day. He faces charges of trespassing, resisting arrest, burglary, and bestiality.



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