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Former Student Sued by University For Finishing Too Early.

Schools used to be perceived as an institution for higher learning. After all it’s a place where one would go in order to broaden their mind and gain knowledge, hopefully to pursue a career path. However nowadays it has become one huge business in which you can actually get sued by a school for finishing too early.

Marcel Pohl is an example of that. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a matter of three semesters and now the School of Economics and Management at his alma mater is suing the former student for lost income.

Normally the degrees would take approximately 11 semesters and 60 exams to finish but Marcel found a shortcut to the process. Often dividing up lectures and exchanging notes with his friends, he was able to speed up getting his degree. But despite his brilliant plan, it definitely cost him an extra $3,700. You would think he would be applauded for such a tremendous amount of ambition but for it to be turned around and hurt him later on is completely absurd.

Its completely ironic that while this university is suing Marcel in Germany, halfway across the world in NY, one graduate finds herself in the completely different situation. Trina Thompson sued Monroe College for $70,000, the cost of tuition, in 2009 after she found herself still unemployed months after obtaining her degree.

According to the New York Post, she claimed the school’s Office of Career Advancement didn’t do enough to help her get a job in her field. Now if only everyone in the US did the same after graduating, maybe some schools would think twice before increasing their tuitions, or even worse, try and sue their former students because they finished too early. But then again, that’s just a thought.


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