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EXPOSED: The Rise Of Fake Pastors, Turning Churches In To Businesses (Video).

Miracles, expensive cars, exorcisms and bodyguards religion is big business across the world. By promoting the dream of escaping poverty, Pastors have turned their churches into corporations, which are changing the face of Christianity.

After watching the videos below, what is the difference between Creflo Dollar Ministries ministry and the renowned fake pastor from Nigeria.

Creflo Dollar Exposed:

Another red flag from both pastors “Jesus was rich and had an accountant who followed him around”

Dr. Fireman Exposed:

As a christian, I do not believe in this kind of prosperity teaching and I don’t believe the Bible supports it either. Nothing in the bible that says life is suppose to be easy or even happy. (Joy is something entirely different) We are to “suffer” for Christ. God does bless some people in that way both Christian and non-christian and I think it is based on His plan. Do a biblical word study on prosperity; that’s why I don’t follow this teaching anymore.

No one should simply follow the preaching of any person. You need to dig in and know what the Bible says for yourself and pray for God’s wisdom and discernment. How do you account for all the missionaries and countless other people doing God’s work who are not financially rich? Do you honestly believe they are not prosperous? It is amazing how preachers and teachers get some or all of it wrong. It will not benefit you to be misled! Creflo Dollar made one statement that should put up a red flag for every Christian and that was when he said that everyone has their own opinions.

Luke 12:22, “Don’t worry about what you eat or what you wear, for life consists of far more than food and clothes.” Matthew 19:24, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.”

The Bible is not meant for you to live based on your opinion nor to take out of it’s teachings what you want or to interpret the way you want. Each and every word is used with specific meaning from God. There are serious consequences for false teaching or “opinions”, and drawing people to church because they think they are going to get rich will not get you into heaven and that my friends is the prosperous life I want to have. I pray that you will allow God to direct you on the right path!



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  • Guest

    You are talking to logical for these robots. You need to be on a Christian TV Show to get people to believe you then you can say or do anything fool thing you want and get these brainwashed clones to applaud you.

  • Mayra

    Christianity is a lie, period!

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