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Woman Allows Professor To Have Sex With Her 5-Month-Old Daughter (Explosive Details)

Tessa L. Vanvlerah, 22, from St Louis, allowed her five-month-old daughter to be raped, on several different occasions, by a 49-year-old man she met online. Within five months of meeting online Tessa met Kyle Kenneth frequently engaging in sex acts with him and her daughter in countless hotels.

Police also found out Tessa would invite others to engage in the sexual acts exchanging child pornography with Kyle and other men. Tessa allowed Kyle to burn, choke and even urinate on her in fear of rejection. She also self-carved his name on her arm.

A couple of years prior a woman obtained an order of protection against Tessa accusing her of seducing and having sex with the woman’s 16-yeard-old autistic son who is believed to be the father of her victimized daughter. Kyle, the professor from California, was sentenced to 37 years and Tessa Vanvlerah was given two life sentences. The daughter who is now 3-years-old was placed with a foster mother who has now adopted the child.

The woman, who was allowed to read an impact statement, said the child would scream when anyone bathed her or changed her diaper. She also has night terrors and asks every night to make sure no one comes into the home. The woman said the girl was getting better day by day now that she ‘is no longer Tessa’s plaything and she is no longer Tessa’s child’.

Spitters, in a case like this do you think Tessa needs psychological help and should have been placed in a mental institution? Or do you feel she got what she deserved?


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