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Man Stuck Inside Another Man’s Wife During Sex (VIDEO INCLUDED).

When cheating goes way wrong..

Its really horrible when you come to the conclusion that you’ve been cheated on.

To know your spouse is cheating but there are no solid evidence to catch them in the act is the worst feeling for any one who is in a relationship.

In Nairobi, Kenya A man who was happily cheating with another man’s wife got stuck in her this week. The husband of the woman had suspected she was cheating on him, so he visited a witchdoctor who performed black magic on the wife, causing the cheating man to get stuck inside her during sex.

Police was called to the scene but there was little they can do to help the cheating duo.

The story quickly spread, the husband in blue jeans and white T-Shirt refused to reverse the black magic.

So a Pastor was called to the scene to pray and successfully separated the cheating duo.



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