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Melody Thornton & Her Nipples Attend Elle Magazine Women In Music Gala.

Damn this has “desperate” written all over it.

This desperate act is Melody Thornton from the popular girl group, “The Pussycat Dolls”. She recently attended Elle Maagazine Women In Music Gala in Hollywood.

A desperate attempt to bring more attention to her new mix-tape which no-one knows the title, she decided to wear a see through dress which exposed her breast.

Lets talk about a lack of self respect, what happened to ladies staying classy and respecting their bodies? Is that a thing in the past?

As a man I lost tremendous respect for her. This is the reason why most men need to stay in their daughters life.

I’m hoping she is not a mother because she’s really setting a poor example.

Melody we could probably ignore the nips if the dress was cute, but honey you look like you have on my Granny’s table cloth!! Stop it!!

My question is how do you want your fans and everybody else to take your art serious when you’re basically naked?

FYI Melody your audience are high school kids, with a hint of college freshmen, What example are you relaying to them?

Spitters! what is the difference between this and a street walker(prostitute).



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