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Mother Rapes 11 year old daughter and calls it Sex Education!

Some people really need to have their baby making licenses taken away. My heart bleeds for the children who have to live with their parents’ psychotic schemes in which they’ve been forced to see as love and guidance. Here we have an Australian mother of 4 from Queen’s land Sunshine Coast. Mommy dearest thought it would be a good idea to use her daughter in her quest to promote sex education. How? By using her mobile phone to make three videos of her raping her youngest daughter, age 11, while exposing her to many other sexual activities! How sick! This sad excuse for a mother says she did it for her daughter “in response to her repeated questions”, the Sunshine Daily reported.

 This woman apparently has her wires all twisted up for her to think that this is okay. The judge on the case, Judge John Robertson said, “she has no psychological or intellectual reason to explain this sickening behavior especially because she had a fulfilled upbringing with her own parents.” The scoop on mommy dearest is that she started dating her children’s father when she was 14 while he was 16 and had her first child when she was 16.

Later she started a cyber sex relationship with some John and visited him 3 times and became a sex crazed maniac. I know a good number of nymphos who would not dream of letting a soul touch their children, let’s just say they would end the world as we know it! Happily, she will be serving 4 years in prison in Australia. They really should increase her serving time for such a heinous act and then they should send her to a psych ward. As a mother you chose the responsibility to love and protect your children while being a proper role model for your kids. This woman robbed her daughter’s innocence all because of her love for sex and labeled it sex education?! I’m disgusted! However, this is the world we live in.

Judge Robertson mentions that her “selfish criminal conduct had deprived her daughter of the right to a wholesome and loving relationship with her mother”. But what about her relationship with others? This girl has been exposed on the net and will pretty much be traumatized for life once she grows up to be a woman to really understand her mother’s actions. Will she ever allow herself to love or know how to love after her own mother victimized her? Will she find a guy who would look past this twisted burden she has to carry for life? Only time will tell. My only hope is that they put the poor girl in extensive counseling to help her keep it together. The mother stated in court that she now realize the extent of her actions and that she’s sorry. However the damage is already done. Judge Robertson’s final say, “Given the Department of Child Safety is now involved, I’m satisfied you are a low risk of re-offending.”

Spitter’s what would you do if someone victimized your child in such a way? Better yet, what do you think mommy dearest’s punishment should be?




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    • Rae Monroe

      I cant be mad at you. As a parent your suppose to defend and protect your kids at all costs, not abuse them!!! Terrible Mother…

  • Shen Fraser

    Sick of porn on the internet ?? The sex demons will corrupt your very thoughts and soul .. where depravity will be the norm for you and then you will

    crawl into the darkness where your light will blow out as easily as a candle. spirit light will never find you because darkness will have you looking at a 19 inch screen behind the door under the stairs for eternity .. no progression but darkness with true evil itself.

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