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Uncovering The Truth About Chrissy Lampkin, Jim Jones fiance on the TV Show Love & Hip Hop.

Love and Hip Hop is officially a reality show hit and many of our readers don’t know much about Jim Jones fiancé Chrissy Lampkin. All we get to see is the fist-fights and screaming matches. Several of our readers wanted to know whether she had a job, any children and even her age. So we picked the best questions, searched high and low and now we are here to give you the answers!-How old is Chrissy Lampkin?
42 years old

-Is she currently employed?
No. She has said numerous times that Jim Jones takes very good care of her and that she also grew up in a time when men took care of women. She gets a lot of criticism for this but she said she really doesn’t care what people say.

-Does Chrissy have any kids?

-Is it true Chrissy dated Jay-Z?
No one can confirm or deny this story but it has been said the two had a “fling” when Jay-Z was 23 years old. Another source says he mentions his old fling in his song Allure, “Now it gets tough to ever love a-gain. But the allure of the game, keeps calling your name. To all the Lauras of the world, I feel your pain. To all the Chrissys in every cities and Tiffany Lanes, we all hustlers, in love with the same thang.” (Wonder if this is why Jim Jones and Jay-Z had beef for so many years)

-Is it true Chrissy dated Alpo Martinez?
Yes. For those of you who don’t know Alpo Martinez was a very well-known drug kingpin in Harlem who ended up getting a life sentence for 13 homicides. One homicide including Rich Porter, another Harlem drug kingpin who is also rumored to have been romantically involved with Chrissy. (Side note: They made a movie on Alpo’s life called Paid In Full, where Cam’ron plays Alpo.)

-Was she ever involved in any credit card scam or fraud?
That cannot be confirmed or denied. The rumor is Chrissy and her friends dated popular/wealthy men and then set them up to be robbed. (Again, this is an online rumor)

Hey Spitters! Any questions you want to know about Chrissy Lampkin or the rest of the Love & Hip Hop cast? Leave us a comment and we’ll research it for you!


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  • Robmac2886

    She is like my sisters ages. Some of my sisters are older and they have always worked and never depend on a man

    • jessica murray

      As it should be! I completely understand a man WANTING to provide or do something a little extra but to have him take care of you like a child?! And your a grown woman?! She must live in fear every day that he might leave her. No wonder she wants that wedding so bad. 

  • Coakie51

    I think that she is a beautiful black woman and is going places – forget them chrissy and go for what you knnow is good for you.

  • Roycie_05

    Chrissy is beautiful and ambitious.  Don’t hate her for aspiring to do better.  There are people that have sex for money everyday with no love attached.  Jim loves Chrissy and why aren’t people digging into his past.  Can we just let sleeping dogs lie? I mean like really. Would people even care if they weren’t jealous that she is getting the cheese and they aren’t? IJS

  • Lildiva2000

    What’s wrong with a man taking care of his woman.  If he loves a woman and that woman loves him that’s what he’s supposed to do. My grandfather used to tell me…if a man can’t take care of you, what do you need him for??!!  He provided quite well for my grandmother who was also a smart educated woman.  But he looked at my grandmother as his partner as well as his wife.  Look at T.I. and Tiny.  Tiny has said a number of times that T.I. doesn’t really want her to work. 

  • Emonie Sanders

    omg that cazy

  • Camronn06

    Is that really Emily’s ass? That shit is HUGE!!!!

    • jessica murray

      Believe it or not it’s all hers! She is definitely a curvy girl and not all that tall making her assests look even BIGGER. She stated she struggles with her weight but makes every attempt to keep her stomach flat.

      • MaKayLa1

        How do you know? I mean really! You people sit on here and talk as if you really know these people personally. Smh..

  • Teamchrissy

    chrissy is 40 her birthday is in may or april

  • Tiarra Wade

    Chrissy…letting your man take care of you means not retirement plan…not a good look in 2012. I’m sorry but I don’t see longevity in Jim Jones.

  • Kbond

    what was chrissie doing with herself before she met jim jones? she must have been making a living somehow? I’ve heard her say that she left a comfortable situation to be with jimmy, can anyone elaborate?

    • Marsblackmon718

      Reread the article, her whole life she’s been a jumpoff, maccin with hustlers etc and scheming

  • Mike12

    I know Chrissy she dated my man from the Bronx may he rest in peace she stole 10 stacks from him out of town and no she can not have kids at all I know her very well

  • big capo

    that’s how she lost her teeth….schemin’ on the wrong one

  • nicky b.

    everybody deserves to be happy…he who is without sin let him cast the first stone! i just dropped mine. chrissy and jim be happy! peace and love

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