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Thief Burnt Alive in Africa (GRAPHIC VIDEO).

Justice can be define as “The quality of being fair and reasonable”. Now a days the law has so many loopholes, is hard to seek justice for the innocent.

Justice can be swift, When you bring Africa to the equations.

The video you are about to watch is a local armed robber, Whose mission in life is to bring misery and pain to others life.

He was apprend be a group of men in Nigeria, West Africa for stealing. The locals who are frustrated and angry decided to take matters into their own hands.

Since the law is slow on prosecuting criminals, this is what happens when you steal in Africa video below.

While you watch this video think to yourself, what would have happened to the thief if police was called and is this RIGHT?!

Here is the First Video:

Very graphic video: Badly beaten thief being set on fire alive in Tanzania, it appears presence of a policeman saved his life.


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